About - Gio Hernandez | Travel & Landscape Photographer

Gio Hernandez | Travel & Landscape Photographer

Gio is a self taught independant travel & landscape photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

Though often hidden away, being creative has been a lifelong passion. In creative arts classes, I would mentally design elaborate projects, only to become disappointed with my end result; or discouraged by the kid next to me who created something brilliant. I stayed motivated but I wasn't persistent. With fear and societal pressures, I pivoted my life into obtaining a "real" job and put my creative pleasures on pause. I now work for a non-profit hospital as an IT Application Analyst. Luckily, my full-time job is something that I enjoy not only because of the technical aspect, but because I indirectly get to help people and our community. Having a sense of purpose is important and keeps me motivated.

Why Photography?

There are several reasons why I got into photography, but the main reason is because I needed an outlet to satisfy my creative itch. I think we are all creative creatures, and it is important to properly channel that creativity into something you can be proud of. Making others smile from your creative talents is a bonus and makes it all worthwhile.

How did you start?

I'm self taught, so google  was my main resource for asking questions and learning techniques. My first camera was a Sony point-and-shoot, but I didn't take photography seriously until I purchased my first DSLR Nikon D5300. I personally think it was a great starter camera. I recently upgraded to the Nikon D750; specifically for the full frame and better ISO levels in dimly lit places.

What programs do you use?

After researching online, reading various blogs/reviews, and creating a multitude of fake email accounts to take advantage of free software trials, I decided to go with Capture One Pro as my first photo editing software tool. During my month free trial, I was able to use the program enough to familiarize myself with it's interface and test its limitations. I went with Capture One because it was simple to use but it also provided me with a vast variety of color control without the "fluff".

How do you edit your images?

When hired to do a job or working with clients, I outsource the majority of my work to editing and retouching professionals. Why? Because they have a dedicated team and do it 24/7, plus...they are much better at it then I am. That being said, I do try and edit most of my personal work and in the early stages of learning advanced editing techniques on photoshop. If you're eager to learn photoshop, take advantage of their free Photoshop tutorials. I've been going through a video or two a day and they are remarkably extremely helpful.

(to be continued...)

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